New Windows

Box Sash Windows

Where renovation of old sash windows is not an option, we can offer to produce and install completely new windows, including the box frame. We endeavour to replicate the characteristic properties of the original windows, whilst producing a window with improved functionality and energy efficiency.

We can manufacture complete new windows with either:

  • Single glazed units - for use where historic protection applies, or
  • Double glazed units - that comply with current Building Regulations, Part L.

Casement Windows

Saffron Sash Windows has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and installation of timber casement windows, both traditional and more modern styles. Our replacement windows are designed to add character in keeping with your home, and improve energy efficiency.

There are many different designs of casement windows that we are able to replicate depending on your requirements. We ensure that the materials are of the highest quality and that we use only the best and most durable timber and products.

We also offer all our renovation, repair and re-glazing services for casement windows and doors.