Restoration and Repair

Our period window restoration service is much more cost effective than partial or full replacement. Restoration of your existing windows or doors has other advantages. By carrying out this work the lifespan of the windows is greatly extended, the integrity and originality of the building is preserved, and the work can be completed without a lengthy manufacturing delay. Most importantly it is environmentally friendly and improves your windows energy rating.

The Renovation Process

  • Sash window units are carefully removed from the window frame.
  • Any decaying timber in the units, frame or sill is routed out to expose the solid “sound” timber.
  • Occasionally, new timber is spliced in or replaced where the existing timber is beyond repair.
  • Specialist epoxy resin is used to fill the cavities and is moulded to match the existing profile of the timber.
  • Sash cords are replaced, pulleys serviced and the sashes correctly balanced to ensure smooth operation of the windows.

Draught Sealing

Victorian sash windows which have not been draught sealed can have noticeable gaps around the window. Draughts, dust, dirt and noise flood into your home and heat rushes out, leaving you uncomfortable and costing you money.

Our draught sealing service provides the following benefits:

  • No more rattling
  • No more draughts
  • Reduced external noise levels
  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced dirt and dust
  • Smooth window operation
  • Extended window life
  • Improved security

uPVC vs. Renovation

Over recent years the uPVC industry has tried to counteract the bad press from the environmental lobby for not being a green product.

We believe the argument should start challenging whether replacing windows unnecessarily is the right environmental option, if you consider that replacement of sash windows and casement windows consumes up to 40 times more energy than renovation or repair.

Environmental Comparison

By renovating sash windows, Saffron Sash Windows, using renewable resources avoids the dramatic impact of uPVC production, whilst minimising waste destined for landfill. This becomes more significant when compared to uPVC replacement windows when you consider;

  • 82% of uPVC ends up to landfill
  • 43% of uPVC is made from non-renewable resources
  • 15% of uPVC is incinerated
  • Only 3% of uPVC is recycled

Environmental Benefits of Renovation

  • Uses 1/40th of the energy of replacement
  • Material sent to landfill is reduced
  • Use of non-renewable resources is minimised

Sash Cord Replacement

Sash ropes may be many years old. The smooth operation of timber sash windows relies on the sash ropes staying free of moisture or paint. Painted ropes become brittle and, like decaying ropes, will eventually snap. During any work on your windows, the ropes must be inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

We can supply different types of cords if necessary, but recommend using high strength braded nylon. This cord is decay and UV resistant, perfect for use as sash cords. All cords need a little maintenance to look smart and function properly. It is important to keep them free of paint & lubricate the pulleys from time to time.